Alyona Movko (b 1984) is an Estonian audiovisual artist, working in the fields of audiovisual art, new media, live visuals, concerts, festivals, live events; architectural, botanical and video mapping on moving objects. As a video artist she is collaborating with alternative and classical directors, orchestral conductors and theatres. Alyona has been playing vj sets on big Estonian, Danish, Finnish and Lithuanian stages, in a variety of styles from symphonic projects to underground electronic music festivals. With wide variety of music events from festivals like Into The Valley, Flow festival, Spot festival till Eurovision song contest. With a background of a classically trained composer, Alyona Movko is experimenting with visuals and sound, passionately searching for new forms and structures. As a child, she used to transpose all sounds into colours and shapes and learned how to understand a surrounding world in this way. This is why synesthesia is the main base of her creative process and an inexhaustible field of inspiration. She has graduated from Tallinn Technical University and is now studying Audiovisual composition in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and is tutoring projection mapping and live visuals in the UT Viljandi Culture Academy.